Michaela Creativity

About the Artist

Michaela Irving is a South African artist. She was born in and stll lives in Cape Town.  She grew up in rural Constantia but prefers not to affilate with the stereoptype.

Michaela has had no formal art training but has attended some classes at  Val Greens Art Studio for moral support.

Michaela Irvings main interest is in doing portraits and so tries to earn extra cash through doing commisions. Her main medium is graphite pencil on paper, size ranging from A4 to A1. She works from photographs.

When there isn't a commision on the go she walks the streets looking for interesting faces. Her main source of muses are the gnarled, weathered homeless people who contrast with the shiny world of the upper class suburbs.  Michaela believes it is most important to keep her camera in her bag as one never knows when an interesting face will appear.

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